Forgot to mention, Kevin is the Friday evening trainer now.

Roll & Stretch (get your chit chat out now)
Barbell Complex (trainer's choice)

KB swings (cycle through as a group)
3 sets:
3x15 swings on 3 different weights, medium, heavy, more heavy
do 15 of one weight, move up, move up then do it again 2 more times.
Rest as needed or until there is a KB free.

ummm...THE BEAR!
7 rounds of:
5 cycles of the following barbell complex (now you get it!)
Power clean (from the hang)
Front squat
Press (or push press or push jerk or thruster)
Back squat
Press (or push press or push jerk or thruster)

Hands do not leave the bar between cycles! Complete all 5 cycles per round.
If you can not then you are doing too much weight.
Start at a manageable weight, then move up each round.
If you fail, go down in weight.
This is not a timed workout, so don't rush shit for the sake of being the first one done.
You won't be awesome if you do that!
Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

PS: I'll stop by to pick up my beer for the equipment left out...thanks!

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